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J.P.S Enterprises (Pty) Ltd , Pro-Stationers (Pty) Ltd,

J. P. S Enterprises (Pty) Ltd was incorporated in 1986 to supply products, on a wholesale basis, to companies in Botswana.

Pro-Stationers (Pty) Ltd was purchased by the Directors of J. P. S Enterprises (Pty) Ltd in 2001 as a going concern with the aim of diversifying and expanding their business activities into the retail business.

Since then J. P. S (Pty) Ltd has scaled back it’s business activities and

Pro-Stationers (Pty) Ltd has become the main focus and dominant company.

Both companies continue to operate with J. P. S Enterprises (Pty) Ltd playing an important supporting role to Pro-Stationers (Pty) Ltd. Together they form what will hereafter be called the Pro-Stationers Group.

About The group

All Botswana citizens employed


Staff welfare


Business system 


From a humble beginning of P 400 000 stock and 4 employees the Pro-Stationers Group in 2001 has steadily grown into a mature Group of Companies with assets of over P 15 000 000 and 25 trained employees (all Botswana Citizens). 


  • OPERATIONAL MISSION: To continually improve on the quality of our Customer Service and build on our reputation for reliability and speedy delivery.

We take pride in the fast, efficient and friendly way our employees assist customers. A pleasurable “Shopping Experience”, is an essential ingredient in a successful business.

  • PRODUCT MISSION: To distribute and sell the finest quality stationery, office supplies and specialized business machines. Constantly sourcing new, more durable products, which satisfy our customers changing requirements and offer the best value for money.

We take pride in the pre-sales and after-sales specialized knowledge our employees offer our customers. Selling “Solutions” to customers “Problems”, is an essential ingredient in a successful business.

  • SOCIAL MISSION: To conduct our companies in an ethical and socially responsible way. In accordance with the rules, regulations and laws of Botswana.

A constructive healthy relationship with the broader society in which it operates, is an essential ingredient in a successful business.

  • ECONOMIC MISSION: To operate our companies in a sustainably profitable financial basis. Creating opportunities for: Expansion and Development; Increasing the value for stakeholders; Adding to the stability and career opportunities for employees.

Consistent sustainable growth, is an essential ingredient in a successful business.

Pro-Stationers Group Profile – Index

Section 1: Company Overview
 History / Staff Policy / Investors (Directors) / Compliance (With Investment and Re-investment, Botswana Business Regulations and Laws, Meaningful passing on of Skills) / Social Responsibility

Section 2: Company Vision 2017 – 2022
 Role and Contribution to the Pro-Stationers & J.P.S. Group
 Leverage, maximize and contribute to Resources of the Group
 The e in the Pro Stationers Group – Overview
 Establishing a sustainable, vibrant and profitable e-Commerce Platform
 LynxPro Customer Relations Management Software

Pro-Stationers (Pty) Ltd - Plot 170 Unit 8 GICP

Pro-Stationers Group Profile


Since it’s formation in 2001 the Pro-Stationers Group has consistently grown and expanded in terms of size, number of delivery vehicles, number of employees, number of products and services offered, number of loyal Customers and in reputation. (We now supply to companies from all parts of Botswana.)

Our large range and quantity, of quality products on hand, has given us the reputation of being the place to go if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary or if you are in a hurry and need something NOW!

Our innovative approach has made us a leader in our industry segment. Often initiating new concepts and setting new “Standards of Excellence” that have been copied by our competitors.

We have received a number of awards from our suppliers and have consistently been one the few Botswana companies to reach the targets set by them (Often beating our larger rivals).

Pro-Stationers Group Profile

Staff   Policy    :

Due to the nature of Pro-Stationers Group of Companies present requirements and our planned expansion into e-Commerce market place, we have worked hard on establishing a skilled team that can deal with the required work.

Our staff policy has followed the following guidelines:

  • Employing only Botswana Citizens: All of the Pro-Stationers Group’s 25 employees are Citizens.

Our social responsibility and contribution towards developing a broader, more diversified economy - are important to our future and the future of all our customers.

  • In-house, On the Job, Ongoing Training: Due to the specialized nature of our business and the products we sell, it has been our experience that in-house, on the job, ongoing training produces the best results.

The high standard of pre-sales and after-sales customer service we offer has been a major factor in attracting new customers and keeping them loyal.

  • Promoting people from within the company: We have found that it takes time to get to know the true capabilities of the people who work with us. That with training we and they are often surprised how well they can take on and perform in new more responsible duties. 

Trust and knowing the way the Pro-Stationers group does business is important to us.

  • Creating a pleasant working and shopping environment: People perform better, are more loyal and buy more when they are happy. The friendly, professional atmosphere of the Pro-Stationers workplace brings out the best in our people and in our customers. 

Long term, mutually beneficial relationships take time and hard work to develop – but they pay off in the long run.

Pro-Stationers Group Profile

What we do at the Pro-Stationers Group of Companies is not rocket science and does not require highly educated people BUT it does require dedicated people who are willing to learn about the products and services provide the way we do things. Most of all it requires people with a high level of people and communication skills.

We are all on the front line, so to peak, continually multi-tasking, moving from job function to job function, meeting and assisting our customers, face to face. Everybody needs to represent the company according to the high standards our customers have come to expect from us.

We are proud of the way our people have stayed with us (2 of our people have already received their THIRD GRATUITY and 9 more will receive their DOUBLE GRATUITY by next years time). How they have learned new skills and how they have matured as the Pro-Stationers Group has matured.

We are proud of our role in helping them to uplift themselves, to improve their quality of life and to be able to realize the dreams of their families.

Pro-Stationers Group Profile


Mr. Shahvez Aslam: Operations Director

Mr. Javed Aslam: Managing Director

Mr. Shahvez Aslam – Investor / Director / Operations Manager

Role in of in the Pro-Stationers Group

  • Day to day running of all aspects of the Pro-Stationers Group

Including: Stock and Inventory Control; Purchasing; Pricing; Marketing and Advertising; Cash Sales and Customer Relations; Credit Control; Credit Sales and Debt Collection; Deliveries; etc.

Opening and closing of the shop – Cashing Up, Banking,
 Day End and Month End Analysis

In order to better serve our customers needs we run a very hands on operation where the Operations Manager is not only expected to supervise the smooth running of the business but is also expected to take Team Leading and Training roles in all tasks himself and have constant direct contact with customers.

  • Long / Medium / Short Term - Planning and Implementation

  • Training of Staff in all day to day activities:

Including computer systems.

  • Official Representative of Pro-Stationers Group:

Dealing with suppliers; Important New Customers and at Official Functions; Meetings; etc.

  • Overlooking and Project Manager for Future Expansion and Development:
Including the Design and Implementation of new IT Systems; Propriety Software; Internet and e-Commerce Projects; etc


  • Mr. Javed Aslam – Investor / Director / CEO – (Permanent Resident)

Role in of in the Pro-Stationers Group

  • Group – Long / Medium / Short Term - Planning and Implementation
  • Group – Operations Management and Administration
  • Group – Resources Management and Administration
  • Group – Financial Management and Administration
  • Group – Integration Management and Administration
  • Group – Activities Management and Administration
  • Group – Training and Human Resources Management and Administration


Since it was incorporated Pro-Stationers Group has complied with all the Laws, Rules and Regulations that govern doing business in Botswana and with the spirit of the reasons why the laws were created. Including:

  • Investing and Re-investing: Time, Money, Skills and Intellectual Capital – Initially and as we gone along. It is the directors belief that re-investing in the company is the best investment they can make. Therefore the income generated by the Pro-Stationers Group has been reinvested into building the assets of the company. (Business Premises, Stock On Hand, Shop fittings, Delivery Vehicles, Training Building solid relationships with suppliers, etc.) 

  • Personal and Company Tax, VAT: Pro-Stationers Group’s directors and as a company have been consistently fully paid up for all Taxes owed and have been cleared by Burs for all the time we have been in operation.
  • License Requirements: Since starting business Pro-Stationers Group has applied on time for all license requirements and has always been granted the appropriate license without any problems.
  • Banking / Financial Requirements: Since starting business Pro-Stationers Group has complied with all banking requirements and has never had any problem with our Bank. None of our cheques have ever bounced and been returned to us.
  • Labor Relations: It is not possible that with such a big working staff that we do not have disputes. To deal with such disputes that arise from time to time we have established a Staff Welfare Committee which is made up of a panel of our senior staff members. They adjudicate all labor related disputes and disciplinary actions that need to be resolved. It has been agreed that their decision is binding on management and staff.

Our reputation as a clean and above board company is important to us and our business plans. Trust has been rated as the single most important aspect in successful business.

We pay our suppliers, our electricity and water bills, our rent, our staff, our VAT and Tax – on time in full.

Social :


Due to the directors upbringing and strong history in Education, the directors of the Pro-Stationers Group take their social responsibility very seriously. We regularly contribute and assist in other ways to

the following projects.

  • Botswana National Sports Council (BNPC)
  • Botswana Boys Scouts Association
  • Botswana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA)
  • Mokolodi Nature Reserve
  • Cheetah Conservation Botswana
  • Botswana Bird life Association
  • Environmental Protection Initiatives – Go Green
  • SOS Children's Village
  • Lions Club (Botswana)
  • Botswana Cancer Association
  • Botswana Family Welfare Association
  • Botswana Cricket Association
  • Botswana Squash Rackets Association
  • Botswana Golf Association
  • Botswana Swimming Association

In addition we support a wide variety of charitable organizations, churches, schools, other fund raising activities and individuals who appeal to us for assistance from time to time.